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For my followers who purchase items off of Amazon:

Do you have a prime account? Amazon Prime is Amazon’s membership account.

  • FREE Two-Day Shipping with no minimum order size (From items that are shipped from an Amazon shipping center. This includes items being purchased from people who keep their for-sale items at an amazon shipping center.)
  • One-Day Shipping for $3.99/item, or $3.99 local same-day delivery. (A creepy guy in a white car pulls up, throws the package at your door, and drives away.)

Amazon Prime is GREAT if you’re a regular online shopper like me. But the price is kind of, high. Is $79 REALLY worth it for a year? No? Well, that’s alright. 

Last year, I signed up for an Amazon Student account, and received one year of Prime which expired a day or two ago. I went on to renew my membership hoping I could find the $39 prime renewal they offered me a few days ago, but instead came across Amazon Mom. Amazon Mom also gives you a year of free prime benefits. Now, this being a year since I signed up for Amazon Student, I believe you need to have a .edu email address. But Amazon Mom all you have to do is lie and say you have children/are expecting/have a wife or girlfriend that is expecting. Or if you do have children…list their names and birthdates. That’s it.

Off to purchase the 20 or so books I was recommended by my lovely followers, have a nice day y’all!

Edit: You ALSO receive release day delivery on books you preorder, compared to having to spend $4.99 if you’re NOT a prime member.
  1. thisisbecauseimlame said: I wish I would have known about this yesterday -__- I just paid $14 on shipping for mt textbooks..thanks for the heads up though!
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